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HPA587-3 Magnet Cable Clip


Hypersonic Cable Clips Tidy Black Charging Cable Holder Organizer

  • Useful: It can be used at home, in the office or the dashboard of the cars.
  • Parts: 5pcs/set, 2 different of pededtal with 3 buttons; 3 buttons with diferent size of holes fits different cables.( cable diameter is less than 4mm)
  • Installation: Stick it and fix on the desks, tables, furnitures or in your car and put the magnetic clip on the base.
  • Clean the surface before sticking them to make them holding tight;)DO NOT use until 24 hours after sticking them, or its loading capacity will be seriously reduced.
  • This cable clip is supposed to be used on CLEAN, SMOOTH, and DRY surface of table, glass, marble and others; CANNOT be used on frosted or uneven surface

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